5 Reasons to Join SAP Certification Classes

SAP Certification is the most sought-after certifications in the Information Technology (IT) world. In every nook and corner of the world, it has created tremendous buzz among the IT professionals. Probably, SAP Training Certification is one of the most criticized certifications, but at the same, it is one of the biggest dreams for number of individuals.

Here is top reason why you should join SAP Training: –

SAP Concepts and Certifications

There are many SAP concepts one should learn to get certified. Before going deep into SAP training, one should take a glance at SAP by studying its history, architecture and WebAs along with client service architecture, enterprise services architecture, SAP ECC, mySAP ERP, three-tiered architecture, SAP business suite and dispatcher process etc. In addition, one should gain a little knowledge about SAP implementation methodologies, an overview of accelerated SAP and IMG basics.


SAP Certified consultants will enjoy a special recognition with their employer and the prospective employers. Many prospective employers still publish their jobs by stating that “SAP Certification is mandatory / value added advantage”. You will see there are number of jobs in the market with this kind of statements. These statements will drive the number of SAP job hoping aspirants to get them certified.  For those employers, SAP is a third party, which is certifying that the said individual has adequate knowledge in a particular area at that point of time.


SAP Certification gives the people a special cushion in their career and opens up with many prospects. Just before certification, nobody even bothered to talk about them, but as soon as they are certified, their marketability has increased tremendously. Everybody, talks about their stupendous success. This is just like a person who received their ‘driving license’ and they are recognized to drive on the road. People still believe that one such opportunity will turn their future. They can utilize that opportunity to their advantage in professional career, by working further hard to achieve their professional goals.


Some people believe having BMW car is a symbol of prestige, some believe having Sony 70″ 3D LCD TV is a symbol of prestige, some believe having Nikon high end DSLR is a symbol prestige and  some believe having a posh bungalow is prestige etc. In the similar way, there are many number of people believe that having SAP Certification also gives them the similar kind of prestige in their life. If you see physically, it is just a piece of A4 size paper. But, still there are number of people believe that A4 size paper from SAP is a prestige symbol.



There may be some employers / bosses, who neglect their invaluable employees or miserably failed to treat them with respect. Sometimes, people might have worked with such unfortunate and adamant bosses, who never care about the human relations. Those employers and bosses might have used every small opportunity to de-motivate the individual to the maximum extent. In an indirect way, these types of employers or bosses are also strong motivators.


People luckily find some benevolent employers, who sponsor the employees’ education. They will take every effort, even in a most depressed economic situation, to allocate training budget and train their employees on the key skills. Some employers will reimburse the certification costs (unfortunately, I am yet to find one). You will find many people who will never be motivated if their own money is to be invested for education. If somebody is else is ready to invest for them, then they will be amazingly inspired and wonderfully motivated to get them certified.

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