Benefits and Job Opportunities through Oracle Certification

Oracle is one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies that offer the certification course for the most lucrative career in the IT domain. Oracle certifications are the valid and demanded credentials that get recognition in all industries and organizations. With the rise in aspiring candidates applying for jobs in IT industries, a certification from the Oracle Corporation enhances your chances of getting recognized and selected and confirms your entry in esteemed companies.

The intense competition in the job market certification is mandatory for career growth that enhances your productivity and improves credibility therefore, signifying a benchmark of proficiency, competence and experience. Thus, following varied programs and levels, the Oracle certification proves to be a great credit to your career.

Oracle Levels and Certification Benefits

Oracle certification, a professional certification program, is one of the most authentic credentials appreciated by reputed industries for a rewarding career in IT. The Oracle course offers varied professional certification programs relating to information management and databases for all enthusiastic professionals seeking to make a career in the IT world.The various branches of Oracle certification and the programs include:

  • Oracle Certified Associate: it trains about the basic or introductory Oracle skills. It offers entry-level DBA certification designation.
  • Oracle Certified Professional: This level trains skills to manage a large scale database or to develop robust applications for wide applications.
  • Oracle Certified Master: This is the most advanced Database Administrator certification. This certificate guarantees a senior position in IT departments with responsibility of handling critical database systems and application.
  • Oracle Certified Expert: The Certified Expert credential signify your expertise in technologies, domain and architectures

Oracle Certification Benefits

  • The certification is not restricted to a single role but is suitable for diverse job roles or profiles
  • The roles apply from application software to development tools
  • The certification proves helpful for database administrators, analysts, software developers, Web administrators and others
  • Also helpful for experienced professionals to remain updated with the current technological advancements
  • Suitable for professionals seeking for senior level profile
  • Attain a competitive edge through development of skill set that’s in vogue
  • Get noticed by prospective employers through a more marketable resume
  • Create wide job opportunities and improve credibility
  • It’s  a reliable validation of the training procedure and experience

Prospective Jobs after Oracle Certification

A certification in Oracle can secure a profitable career with your ability to solve technical issues competently. The certification is a credit to the career and offers certain job roles that have been mentioned below:

Database Administrator

It is one of the growing occupations now hugely in demand. The job caters to managing systems software for the building and maintenance of computer databases. The professionals are responsible for security issues and perfectly developing and maintaining of databases in a private or public sector organization. They must ensure that employees have access to database and prevent the entry of any unauthorized personnel. They must keep in mind about virus attacks and also continually upgrade or alter the system as per requirement. In big organizations databases might be constantly required thus, offering high job opportunities to aspirants. Database Administrators can avail jobs in varied platforms such as:

  • Financial organizations
  • Management consultancy firms
  • IT companies
  • Hospitals
  • Universities and academic institutions
  • Central government

Application Developer

Oracle application developers are entrusted with developing, maintaining, managing and launching a database system to maintain and upgrade storage capacity of a company. Professionals must have knowledge of computers, programming languages, networks, database systems and the Internet. Moreover, understanding of security aspects of application, system or network is also essential. Developers may assume the following job roles:

  • Database Analysts
  • Designers or Administrators
  • Computer Programmers
  • Network Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
  • Web Administrators
  • Web Developers

Instructional Coordinators

Instructional coordinators attain teaching and communication expertise for developing and implementing instructional materials for training purpose. They are entrusted with jobs such as accessing educational programs to meet the set standards and quality.

An Oracle Certification Exam thus, assesses and challenges your technological abilities thus; enhancing and accelerating them for a bright career prospect, job stability and high salary. Join the Oracle certification program to be placed in top best companies and increase your chances of recruiters seeking for you. Enroll today with My Private Tutor.

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