1. Introduction to SAP
2. Introduction to SAP BW
3. Modeling, Extraction and Reporting
4. Relation between BW – BO
5. Relation between BW - HANA
6. Understanding of OLTP & OLAP
7. Master Data / Transaction Data
8. Extended Star-Schema Modeling
9. Info Objects

Types of Info Objects

Creating Info Area
Creating Info Object Catalog for Characteristics and Key Figures
Creating Characteristics and Key Figures
Reference/Template of Characteristics and Key Figures

Introduction to Data Source

  • Types of Data Sources
  • Creating Data Source

11. SAP BW Data Flow
12. Info Package
13. Transformation
14. Data Transfer Process (DTP)
15. Types of DTPs
16. Master Data Attributes/Text Loading
17. Hierarchies
18. Transaction Data Loading
19. Data Store Objects

  • Introduction to Data Store Objects
  • Definition and Purpose
  • Types of DSOs
  • Architecture of the Standard DSO
  • Usage Scenarios for DSOs

Info Cubes

  • Modeling Info Cubes
  • Types of Info Cubes
  • Creating a Standard Info Cube

21. Info Providers

i. Introduction to Multi Provider
ii. Designing and Usage of Multi Provider
iii. Info Sets
iv. Creating an Info Set and Usage

22. Introduction to Extraction
23. Extraction for ECC
24. Types of Extraction
25. LO-Extraction (Logistic Extraction)
26. COPA & FI
27. Generic Extraction
28. Data Source Enhancement
29. Business Explorer (BEx)

i. Query Designer
ii. Analyzer
iii. Web Application Designer (WAD)

30. Query Designer

i. Simple Query
ii. Filter / Rows / Columns
iii. Variables
iv. Types of Variables
v. Processing Types of Variables
vi. Structures
vii. Formula and Calculated Key Figure(CKF)
viii. Selection and Restricted Key Figure (RKF)
ix. Virtual Key Figures
x. Conditions / Exceptions

31. Process Chains


32. Introduction to BW on HANA
33. Composite Provider
34. Advanced DSO (ADSO)
35. Transient Provider