SAP Production Planning

I. Overview of Master Data for Production

 Accessing and Creating Types of Data
 Using Organisational Elements and Master Data in Production

II. Organizational Data in Supply Chain Management

 Creating a Plant in SAP ERP
 Creating a Storage location in SAP ERP
 Creating MRP Areas

III. Material Master

 Describing the structure of Material Master Record
 Maintaining Prerequisites for Creating Material Masters
 Creating a Material Master Record
 Classifying Material Master Records
 Managing a Material Master Record

IV. Bills of Material (BOM)

 Describing the Structure of the Bill of Material
 Managing the Validity of BOMs
 Managing Bills of Material
 Using ECMs to Change BOMs
 Analysing Bills of Material
 Configuring Bills of Material

V. Work Centre

 Describing the Structure of Work centre
 Creating Work Centres
 Creating Capacities in the Work Centre
 Integrating Costing with Work Centre

VI. Task Lists

 Describing the structure of the Task List
 Create a Routing
 Creating Material assignments and Component allocations
 Creating Sub Operations
 Analysing and Changing Task Lists

VII. Advanced Bill of Material Functions

 Describing Phantom Assemblies
 Creating Co-Products and By-Products
 Creating Alternative Components

Creating Multiple BOMs

 Creating Variant BOMs

III. Advanced Routing Functions

 Creating alternative and Parallel sequences
 Creating Alternative Routings and Production Versions
 Creating Reference Operation sets
 Creating Trigger Points
 Using Scrap in the Routing
 Creating Production Resources and Tools

IX. Demand Management

 Introduction to Demand Management
 Planning Make to Stock Production without Consumption logic
 Planning Make to Stock Production with Consumption logic
 Planning Make to Order Production without Consumption logic
 Planning Make to Order Production with Consumption logic

X. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Execution

 Basic concepts of MRP
 Setting up MRP Pre-requisites
 Setting up and Executing MRP run

XI. Technical Processes of Requirements Planning

 Calculating Net requirements
 Calculating lot sizes
 Setting up Basic Date and Lead Time scheduling
 Selecting BOM and Routing

XII. MRP Results Processing and Evaluations

 Generating MRP list
 Comparing MRP list and Stock/Requirement list

XIII. Production Orders

 Order Processing and Order Structure
 Order Creation
 Order Release
 Order Documents
 Material Staging
 Confirmations
 Goods Receipt
 Order Settlement, Archiving and Deletion

XIV. Production with process Orders

 Overview of Process Orders
 Drafting Process Orders

XV. Repetitive Manufacturing

 Overview of Repetitive Manufacturing
 Drafting Repetitive manufacturing